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Restrictions, offences and fixed-penalty notices.

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Written by College of Policing

Tier 4

As of 6 January 2021 all areas in England are in Tier 4.

Premises and businesses that must close        


A person responsible for carrying on a restricted business, or providing a restricted service, must cease to carry on that business or provide that service. This includes all non-essential retail  (see full Tier 4 briefing).

Businesses that may remain open include:

  • food retailers
  • pharmacies and chemists
  • garden centres
  • dentists
  • post offices
  • funeral directors
  • launderettes and dry cleaners
  • mobility and disability support shops

Holiday accommodation     

A person responsible for the provision of holiday accommodation (including but not limited to a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, holiday apartment, home, cottage or bungalow, campsite, caravan park) must cease to carry on that business unless one of a number of exceptions apply. 

Serving food and drink for consumption on the premises   


The person responsible for carrying on a restricted business or providing a restricted service must:

  • close any premises (or part of) where food or drink are provided for consumption on the premises
  • cease providing food or drink for consumption on the premises

Take-away services are permitted:

  • between 5am and 11pm from their premises (not including alcohol)
  • between 11pm and 5am (not including alcohol) if 
    • for collection, provided the person collecting does not enter the premises
    • to a purchaser who collects food or drink in a vehicle without anyone leaving the vehicle
    • making deliveries for orders received online or by telephone or text or by post (in this circumstance alcohol can be sold)

Specific exemptions apply to

  • motorway service areas
  • airports, maritime ports, the international rail terminal at Folkestone
  • public transport
  • workplace canteens (conditions apply)

Offences and FPNs for any of these restrictions    


There are offences that police can enforce, however enforcement action in relation to breaches by businesses will be led by local authorities (environmental health officers and trading standards officers). The police should only be required as a last resort and to provide support as required.

FPN amounts     

The amount is £1,000 for the first offence, £2,000 for the second, £4,000 for the third and £10,000 for the fourth and subsequent offences. These increases apply only to FPNs issued for these offences.